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Help Keep Local Gallery Art Alive

October 25th, 2014

Help Keep Local Gallery Art Alive

Gallery Saratoga, local art by local artists, is celebrating 30 years! We are a gallery owned by artists, funded by artists, run by artists who produce all of the artwork and handmade items in the Gallery.

For 30 years, Gallery Saratoga has served the community by providing a place for emerging artists to exhibit and sell their works of art. Even though we've been around all this time, we are experiencing new challenges, making it difficult to continue our mission.

The artist of Gallery Saratoga are ready to challenge themselves!

We will produce new works, improve our facilities, create community outreach through classes, events, and exhibits and recapture the excitement of creating by bringing new artist talents into the gallery.

We'll need some funding to make this transition.

To do this, our artists are ready for you to commission works of art from them. The artists will create artwork for you and the majority of the funding will...